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More People Who Claimed They Had Sex with Aliens

Not all alien abductions are the same. According to a few abductees, the experience sometimes leads to alien sex.

Late one evening in 1957, Brazilian farmer Antonio Vilas-Boas was plowing his fields. Little did he know that he would later do the same thing, sans the fields. He chose to work during the evening in order to avoid the high temperatures of the day. Boas was startled and intrigued when he saw a red star moving in the night sky. As the ‘star’ got closer to the ground, he noticed it was in fact a very unusual craft; it was egg-shaped, with a rotating top and a bright red light on its underside.

The craft showed the intention of landing when it extended three legs. Boas decided it was high time to hightail it out of there.

He jumped in his tractor but only managed to cover a short distance before the engine stalled. Continuing on foot, Boas was apprehended by a five-foot tall humanoid wearing a spacesuit.

Next thing he knew, Boas found himself inside the craft, abducted by its crew of strange humanoids. Stripped of his clothes, Boas was then coated with some kind of liquid substance. The alien kidnappers took him to a large chamber, after passing through a doorway engraved with red symbols. Boas claimed he managed to memorize the symbols and later reproduced them.

Samples of Boas’ blood were taken from his chin and he was brought to a third room where he was subjected to a large dose of nauseating gas. This process apparently made him ready for what was about to happen next. This...

A naked and attractive female humanoid joined him. Boas described her as being about the same height as his captors, with large, feline eyes and a small, pointy chin. She had long, platinum blonde hair on her head while her pubic hair was bright red. Apparently, aliens don’t match carpet and drapes.

The chosen farmer felt compelled to have sex with the female and proceeded to do so. After consummating the act, the female smiled at him, rubbed her abdomen and pointed upwards. Boas noticed she seemed relieved that their encounter was over and this angered him. Hey, nobody likes being used. In his own words, he was nothing more than a “good stallion” for the aliens.

He was given his clothes back and taken on a complimentary tour of the UFO during which Boas tried to steal a device to present as evidence of his adventure. Can’t blame the man for trying.

The aliens dropped him off and he watched their ship disappearing into the distance.

The incident lasted a full four hours and Boas returned home with a story his wife probably never really believed.

Shortly after the event, he started suffering from headaches, nausea and unexplained lesions appearing on his skin. He was examined by Dr. Olavo Fontes of the National School of Medicine of Brazil. Fontes concluded that Antonio Vilas-Boas suffered from radiation sickness after being exposed to large doses of radiation.

Unlike other abductees, Boas managed to recall every aspect of his encounter without undergoing hypnotic regression. He later became a lawyer and claimed the story was true until his death in 1991.

Another interesting incident involved a Chinese peasant named Meng Zhaoguo. His encounter took place in 1994, at the Red Flag logging camp in Heilongjiang. Meng and two of his coworkers saw a bright object descend into the forest and, believing it was a downed helicopter, they went in to investigate. As they reached the supposed crash site, the men saw a very bright light. Meng recalled feeling a sharp pain in his head before blacking out.

When he awoke the light was gone. Unbeknownst to him, a fire had just started inside an alien lady’s heart or corresponding organ.

Later that night, while Meng was sleeping at home, the alien female paid him a visit. She was ten feet tall, had six fingers and -wait for it- braided leg hair. Other than that, she looked about as human as they come.

For approximately 40 minutes, Meng had sex with the alien while floating a few feet above his sleeping wife and daughter. Thankfully, they kept sleeping the entire time. The alien eventually left, leaving Meng with a 5 centimeter scar on his left thigh and an irrational fear of iron objects.

About a month later, Meng levitated right through a wall and into an alien spaceship, where he encountered the brethren of his one night mid-air stand. When he asked (telepathically) to see her, he was told that wasn’t possible. However, he rejoiced when the aliens revealed that in 60 Earth years, the child of a peasant will be born on an alien planet. I don’t know about Meng but I would have proceeded to high five (six?) everybody on board.

Crazy story, right? Even crazier is the fact that in 2003, Meng reportedly took a lie detector test which he passed. He also underwent hypnosis and maintained his story, leading the Chinese UFO Research Society to conclude he was indeed telling the truth.


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